Who are we?
Kristin and Taryn have been working, planning, and training for this moment for years. When we opened our studio last year all of our well meaning friends and fellow business owners said we should run a teacher training program ASAP. We are usually “say yes to all the things” type of people but with this...this was different. Our own personal YTT was a profound experience for the both of us and it’s something we hold so incredibly sacred. We felt like we had more growing as teachers and business owners before we just tried to make a quick buck on a training. But now? Now we are ready. This moment has been built on years of personal yoga journeys, 4 years as teachers ourselves and what will be 1.5 years as studio owners. We promise you a journey like no other. This program was planned the way we do all those things we say yes to - with our heart and soul.

Why train with us?
We have worked in studios, gyms and community centers. We have taught chair yogis, beginners and super advanced. Combined we are trained in MULTIPLE genres of yoga practices and fitness instruction. We have created our own brand and started our own business. Now, we can’t WAIT to bring all our knowledge to new teachers that walk into our space. What is so special about our partnership is that while Kristin and Taryn have a similar yoga background, our teaching styles are VERY different and what originally brought us to our mats were VERY different. Because of this, we are able to connect to a larger audience of people. We want to help shape teachers that are ready to take on whatever a studio needs from them and also be able to provide THEMSELVES with whatever they need to get from their practice on a given day. We are ready to give students the knowledge they need to feel comfortable stepping to the front of the studio and the power to move people (we believe there is no better feeling!).


+ What style of 200 hour yoga training does Iris Yoga Academy offer?

Iris Mind and Body is a Vinyasa-based studio and IYA’s 200-hour training will reflect that. You will learn instruction, proper alignment, cueing, breath and fluid sequencing. You will also learn proper modifications, use of props, contraindications and have the general knowledge to safely assist clients of all ages, body types and limitations.

+ Do I have to want to teach yoga to go through Yoga Teacher Training?

Nope. You will leave the training with all of the tools necessary should you WANT to teach studio classes or private lessons, but many people go through YTT to deepen their own yoga practice. You might be surprised though at where the journey takes you and we encourage you to come into it with an open mind.

+ What can I do if I can’t shell out $3,000+ all at once?

We offer no-interest payment plans, early bird discounts and other ways to save money on this experience. The earlier you commit, the easier the money side of things will be! Contact us and we can help you figure it out!

+ What is included in my tuition?

Your tuition includes your 200-hour training under the direction of Kristin Broek, E-RYT-200 and Taryn Lagonigro, E-RYT-200, who collectively have thousands of hours of teaching experience and advanced certifications in meditation, yin yoga, prenatal yoga and fascia release. Some of the extras? You will also receive unlimited yoga at Iris Mind and Body during the time of your training (November through March), an Iris Yoga Academy tank top, journal, professional headshots and other benefits. We’d like to think you’ll also gain an amazing community and support system for years to come!

+ What if I’m brand new to my own yoga practice?

That’s totally fine! There is no prerequisite to teacher training. In fact, YTT is an amazing way to jump start a yoga practice! We love that people come with different backgrounds and at different levels and then come out SO changed. Our feeling is that only YOU can know when you are ready. If you have any concerns, please reach out!

+ What if I can’t make it one of the training days?

We understand that life gets busy, but we ask that you make best efforts to attend all sessions in person. If you can’t make one, let us know with as much notice as possible, and we will do our best to get you materials and other requirements ahead of time. If it’s something that requires a hands on teaching experience, Kristin or Taryn can be available at alternate times, for a small fee, to make sure you don’t miss out on that session.

+ What sets Iris Yoga Academy apart from other yoga schools?

Kristin and Taryn have taken a holistic view at everything that goes into being a yoga teacher, from their experience as teachers, business owners and practicing yogis. We want to give you the tools to serve a variety of different clients and add a variety of elements into your classes. We also want you to understand what goes into running your personal yoga business and give you the tools to set yourself up for success. Beyond that, our unique styles and unique strengths bring a variety to our students. We like to hope that we have the ability to make you connect with what you LOVE about yoga and then expand your horizons.

+ I’ve already completed a YTT program but one of your topics sounds interesting, can I join in?

Yes! We will be publishing our schedule on MindBody and including “Drop In Day” options for current RYTs. We have done this so that you can brush up on some skills, take a deeper dive into one of our intensives or maybe take advantage of our Branding or Voice Coaching workshops! *please note that in most cases CUs will not be available for drop in days

+ What can I expect on training days?

We will start each week with a regular studio class. In most cases the class will align with what we are learning that day. We will then move into our topic(s) for the day, sometimes welcoming guest speakers. The day will be a mix of lecture, readings and physical practice. You can either bring your lunch and snacks or you can pick from our exclusive YTT menu from Zest in Fairfield which will be delivered at lunchtime each day. We will always close the day with a brief meditation or breathing exercise to seal in all of our learning and get ready for a new week.

+ Outside of the in studio sessions, how much time should I expect to devote to this training?

We expect you to live and breathe yoga for 5 months – just kidding! We require that you practice at least three hours per week, because part of your development as a teacher is in your own practice and trying different teachers. There will also be required readings, some self-study and journaling. During certain weeks, your “homework” will be preparing class sequencing. We know from our own experience that this all rarely feels like “work” and will probably be enjoyable!

+ Who are some of your special guests for 200 hour training?

We want to make sure you get the most well rounded experience from this training, and part of that is bringing in some experts. Here are a few of our special guests:

  • Meredith Cozzarelli, Licensed Speech Therapist – Meredith will do a workshop on projecting your voice as a teacher and ways to avoid straining your vocal cords.
  • Raffaele Lagonigro, DPT – A Physical Therapist for 12 years, Dr Lagonigro will run our anatomy workshop to give you a better understanding of the human body.
  • Carley Storm, Photographer and Branding Expert – Carley will take headshots for all our trainees and do a talk on branding yourself through social media to grow your reach.
  • Amani Dock, Licensed Massage Therapist – Amani will show you techniques to apply hands on assists during savasana to deepen your yogis’ relaxation.
  • More to be announced!

+ Do you offer Continuing Education Trainings?

Yes! We are so excited to be able to offer 200 hours but also allow instructors to expand their expertise. Most trainings will offer instructors CEC to keep their knowledge fresh. We will be offering discounts to our trainees whenever we add these sessions to our schedule.

+ What if I have more questions?

Entering into this journey is a big decision and it’s normal to have questions! Contact us and Kristin or Taryn can set up a time to chat on the phone to discuss further. We look forward to helping you figure out what is right for you!