Limitless Performance &  Therapy is a multifaceted wellness center in New Jersey specializing in helping you become the best version of yourself. Our innovative approach and collaborative Team of dedicated professionals fosters an environment of connection and progress. The support you receive is unmatched, and our focus is on your success.  Click here to find out more.


CrossFit Cedar Grove

CrossFit Cedar Grove is a group training facility located in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, that provides the local community a place to grow, get healthy, and improve their lives. Unlike other gyms, our unique results-oriented approach and team of dedicated coaches will help you work hard to build strength and confidence and gain forward momentum. Achieve any goal no matter how challenging, all while having fun and being excited every day to come back for more! Getting started is easy! We offer a free week trial for all experienced CrossFitters, or a free trial class for those new to CrossFit.

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AIM Orthopedics

Dr Raffaele Lagonigro opened AIM Orthopedics as a unique physical therapy clinic that’s designed to provide more hands-on approach and treatment that’s tailored to the patient’s needs. Here at AIM Orthopedics we provide one-on-one treatments in a private environment with the goal of returning you to your optimal level of functional activity. To learn more, please call 973-814-2246 or visit Aim Orthopedics.com.