Q: How do I begin? 

A: Look at the online schedule and decide what class time and type will fit best. All of our classes are meant for Yogis of all levels. Our instructors are trained to give modifications to new clients as well as additional challenges to more seasoned Yogis. You can create an online account, purchase your first class and register through MindBody. Links are located throughout our site to take you to specific classes or packages.

Q: What should I bring?

A: We do have mats, blocks, bolsters, and anything you would need on hand to take any of our classes. Please feel free to bring your own mat or blocks if you prefer. Bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing you can move in. For our Goat Yoga classes or other larger events, we may not have enough mats to share with everyone so if you do own your own, please bring it with you.

Q: I bought a Groupon, how do I redeem it?

A: First, create an account with us on MindBody (use link below). Once we know that you are in our system (please email us to let us know and to give us your Groupon information), we will apply your Groupon to your account and you will be ready to sign up for classes.

Q: Do I need to sign up online or make a reservation before class?

A: The online reservations are a great way to commit to coming to class. Classes may fill up OR they might be cancelled if there is no one signed up, so reserve your spot ahead of time through MindBody.

Q: Is my first class free? 

A: Our current Drop-In class is only $20. However, we urge new clients to purchase our 3 for $30 package. We want you to try a few classes that we offer before choosing what package might work best for you. We have multiple packages available and may have specials running. Make sure you check out our Packages page for current rates!

Q: Do you offer Hot Yoga? 

A: No. We do not currently offer hot yoga classes. However, we are starting to introduce some warm classes. Check the schedule!

Q: I am not Flexible. Can I still take Yoga? 

A: Inflexibility or even over flexibility are exactly why you DO take yoga. We are very motivated to bring yoga to everyBODY, because we know how important functional mobility is to your day to day life. We  will help you build strength and flexibility (both mentally and physically). We work with clients of all ages, shapes, and sizes who are either brand new to physical activity or regularly attend CrossFit classes and the like. If you are concerned about your ability to move on a mat, contact us about our Longevity program which includes Chair Yoga.

Q: Do you really have goats living in your studio? 

A: No! While we do off regular Goat Yoga classes, we are lucky to have partnered with Totes Goats, LLC to provide us with all of our adorable goat needs. We assure you our goats are treated like royalty on their farm in Ringwood. The goats we use are adopted and will never be bred, milked, sold, or eaten.

Q: How old does my child need to be to attend a studio class?

A: We believe that a parent has a better sense as to the maturity level of their child than we do! If yoga is something that your child would like to do and you know they  can handle a one-hour class without being distracted, they are welcome to join. We do require an adult to be in class with any child under 16 taking a regular class. We do offer kid's classes and family classes that would be a perfect way to introduce younger children to yoga! Check here for more information

Q: I am pregnant. Can I practice Yoga? 

A: Congratulations and Yes! When you are pregnant, there are modifications that must be made in a normal yoga class. Most of our teachers are certified to teach pre-natal classes and/or trained in the proper modifications to give to an expectant mother. Please let your teacher know prior to the start of class so they can offer you the necessary adjustments. We can also offer private, pre-natal classes with Kristin or Taryn to either help ease you into a regular class or continue you your practice if you no longer feel comfortable in a regular class.