We have partnered up with Aim Orthopedics and CrossFit Cedar Grove  to provide functional, affordable fitness programs, designed for those seeking a more active lifestyle, who may not otherwise take traditional fitness classes.  Your personalized program will start with a free functional fitness test, performed by a physical therapist that will assess your current abilities and provide recommendations on the appropriate fitness program. Your program can include Chair Yoga, CrossFit for Seniors or a combination of both!


Your program will start with a Functional Fitness Test performed by a physical therapist. This test will gauge lower and upper body strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility and balance. This test is an essential element in designing an effective exercise program in older adults. The importance of assessing functional fitness in older adults is to identify risk, plan an appropriate program and set physical fitness goals. Periodic reassessment will be conducted to track progress and many any adjustments to fitness program. Should the test show that physical therapy may compliment your progress, a full PT evaluation can be scheduled. Sign up here for your free assessment.


All of the mind/body benefits of yoga without the mat! This unique program takes place either on or utilizing a chair and is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. You will stretch your whole body in this invigorating class where you will learn and progress new yoga poses every week. Some of the benefits of a Chair Yoga program are improved flexibility, improved strength, mental clarity, stress reduction and increased circulation through breathing techniques. Our Silver Yogis classes prove that it’s NEVER too late to start a yoga practice!

We will be re-introducing our chair yoga program later in 2019!


CrossFit for Seniors is a functional fitness class designed for those ages 60+. Our focus is on improving quality of life and maintaining physical independence. This program combines weight training, body weight movements, and cardiovascular exercises scaled to the ability level of the participants. The goal of this CrossFit program is to help you gain strength, balance, coordination and confidence, all while experiencing the amazing support of a CrossFit community!

Limitless Longevity classes are only $5 and your 6th class is free! All classes are drop-in so no need to schedule in advance.