In an effort to keep our regular, Studio Classes affordable and accessible to our clients, we have created a separate line of Specialty Classes. These classes can be paid for with a Specialty Drop-In or you can buy a Specialty 6-Pack. These are priced different than our Studio Classes. They don’t expire for a year. Members get $20 off the Specialty 6-Pack rate.


Yoga For Stress + Anxiety with Camille | Third Friday of Every Month at 8pm

Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mind & body practices that will help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. Anxiety, stress and depression are a part of many of our daily lives. It is rare we get an opportunity to stop, breathe and be present. By slowing down, you allow yourself to check in and become mindful, reawakening the awareness within you. Throughout these sessions, RYT Camille will guide students through restorative classes that have a balance of movement and rest which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing students to feel relaxed. Each week Camille will provide students with the tools, such as breathing and journaling, to manage anxiety and stress, leading to a more peaceful and happy life. Join Camille on the mat with your worries, leave feeling blissfully more like yourself.

Glowga: Glow-In-The-Dark Happy Hour | Coming Soon

It’s time to shake things up as we enter the weekend. Wear white or neon and get glowing with body paint and bracelets. We will turn the lights down and break out the blacklights. Every Glowga class will feature a different playlist theme. Expect partner poses, empowering movement, and maybe some dancing. These classes are designed to unwind and have fun after a long week. Anyone is welcome to join the party!

Set Your Intention with Crystal Bowls and Gentle Flow | Coming Soon

Join Cathy for a monthly class focused on sound therapy and setting intentions.

Fascia Release Yoga | Coming Soon

Myofascial release increases mobility, relieves aches and pains, brings oxygen to your tissues, increases circulation and physically de-stresses your body so it can perform more efficiently. Often times we might feel "stuck" physically, whether it is a yoga pose, seated posture, or fitness move. Focusing on the fascia in our body can help release tension and help our muscles work at a greater capacity. Each class will focus on a different part of the body. We have Fascia Kits on sale for $35 with all the props you need for these classes! We also rent the props at the studio for $10.

Expand Your Practice | Coming Soon

Each session will focus on a different aspect of our practice that might need work. Have you been practicing for a while and feel like you are ready to take the next step to inversions, or perfect your sun salutations, or maybe even dabble in acroyoga? Here is your chance to learn something new.

Drop-In | $20

Member Drop-In | $10

6-Pack   |    $99

Member 6-Pack   |    $49