Redefine Movement: Power Up Flow

Your body will be moving in this class! Expect a powerful, energetic form of yoga as you transition fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting your breath to each pose. Vinyasa Yoga is defined as “variation of movement within prescribed parameters”.  Let your thoughts go as your focus comes to the physical practice and creative sequences. Vinyasa is fun, sexy, and will make you sweat! 

Redefine Stretch: Slow It Down Flow

Some days call for a good stretch! In this practice, sequences will be slowed down and poses will be held longer as we breathe into those tight muscles. Don’t be fooled thinking that a gentle flow won’t still be physically demanding, we will work on strengthening core muscles and proper alignment. Yin or Restorative poses may be incorporated. This class allows for thoughtful movement and meditation practices.

Redefine Stillness: Restorative Yoga

Is your life always going at full-speed and you crave a moment to pause? Restorative Yoga will provide that break both mentally and physically. The idea of this class is to promote deep relaxation while holding the poses for longer periods of time, with the help of props.  Restorative Yoga can be used to increase flexibility, relax the mind and body, improve your body’s ability to heal, and balance the immune system. Plus, it just feels amazing!

Redefine Endurance: Barre Bootcamp

Get ready to feel that Barre Bootcamp BURN! This fun, fusion class draws inspiration from strength training, HIIT, and classic ballet. Barre Bootcamp focuses on lengthening your muscles, improving your posture, and increased flexibility. Expect to be working through the entire session with low impact cardio blasts. There will be modifications for those who may need it, all levels welcome!

Redefine Flex: Yoga Sculpt for Strength

Yoga Sculpt is a full-body functional workout meant to strengthen and empower. This unique fusion class combines light weights, resistance bands, and TRX with traditional yoga poses to increase muscle, improve flexibility, build endurance, and sculpt the body. Expect a fast-pace yoga flow, mixed with barefoot bootcamp elements, HIIT, and some kickboxing moves to challenge those addicted to cardio. Catch your breath with a savasana at the end.

Redefine Beauty: Be-YOU-tiful Yoga

Being yourself is the hardest thing in the world. But, to be ourselves is to be enlightened.  According to The Bhagavad Ghita, a happy or enlightened person follows their own Dharma. To promote self-realization and empowerment, sequences are planned around grounding poses allowing students a chance to play with the poses will ignite a sense of freedom that leads to personal growth. No yoga experience necessary! [This class meets every other Thursday]

Redefine Balance: Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the compliment that we all need to our physically demanding, Yang lifestyles. A Yin class will consist of long-held, passive floor poses meant to target the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones, and even joints. Yin will bring elasticity to the body and help maintain healthy fascia. Find stillness in the asanas and learn to be present as you create space in the mind and body. Expect not only to sit more comfortably and workout with more mobility, but to also reduce stress. [This class meets every other Thursday]