Power Up Flow [Vinyasa Yoga]

Your body will be moving in this class! Expect a powerful, energetic form of yoga as you move fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting your breath to each movement. Vinyasa is fun, sexy, and will make you sweat! No experience necessary!

Slow It Down Flow [Breathe & Stretch]

This is our version of Beginner Yoga but also perfect for those days that you just need to get a good stretch! Flows will be slowed down and stretches will be held longer as we breathe into those tight muscles. Yin or ROMWOD  stretches may be incorporated. Of course we will get the heart rate up and work on strengthening the core, but focus will be on body work and alignment.

Rᵌ Flow [Recover, Refresh, Renew]

Restorative Yoga is a form of Yoga perfect for both beginner and advanced Yogis. The idea of Restorative Yoga is to promote deep relaxation while holding the poses for longer periods of time, with the help of props. Don’t come prepared for a workout, rather come to find balance from your regular activity. Restorative Yoga can be used to increase flexibility, relax the mind and body, improve your body’s ability to heal, and balance the immune system. Plus, it just feels amazing! Class might include aromatherapy and a guided meditation.

Barre Bootcamp

In this class not only will your legs feel the burn at the barre but your arms & abs will too! Barre takes inspiration from strength training, hiit, and ballet. This class focuses on full body movement mixed in with cardio that’ll keep your heart rate high. There will be modifications and low impact options for those who may need it, all levels welcome!

Yoga Sculpt

This class combines light weights and resistance bands (and maybe TRX!) with traditional yoga poses to increase strength, improve flexibility, build endurance and sculpt the body. Expect a fast-pace yoga flow, mixed with barefoot bootcamp elements, and some kickboxing moves to challenge those addicted to cardio. Catch your breathe with a nice Savasana at the end.

Mind Body Melt with Tiffany | Every other Thursday at 8pm

Balancing the mind and body through movement, breathing, and meditation, this gentle class is like a big exhale for your mind. Get centered, move through a gentle flow of stretches, practice deep breathing, take some time to meditate, and end with a savasana with assists. Dress comfortably. No experience required. All levels welcome.

Yoga For Stress + Anxiety with Camille | Third Friday of Every Month at 8pm

Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mind & body practices that will help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. Anxiety, stress and depression are a part of many of our daily lives. It is rare we get an opportunity to stop, breathe and be present. By slowing down, you allow yourself to check in and become mindful, reawakening the awareness within you. Throughout these sessions, RYT Camille will guide students through restorative classes that have a balance of movement and rest which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing students to feel relaxed. Each week Camille will provide students with the tools, such as breathing and journaling, to manage anxiety and stress, leading to a more peaceful and happy life. Join Camille on the mat with your worries, leave feeling blissfully more like yourself.

75-Minutes of Yin Yoga | Coming Soon!

Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment to your Yang Yoga practice. A class will consist of long-held, passive floor poses to target the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones, and even joints. Yin will bring elasticity to the body and help maintain healthy fascia.  Expect not only to sit more comfortably and workout with more mobility, but to also reduce stress