Everyone deserves Yoga, and one of the greatest passions and purposes of our lives is bringing Yoga to everyone we can reach. If you have a body, you have a Yoga body.
— Kristin + Taryn

Taryn Lagonigro, Co-Founder Yoga Instructor from Caldwell, NJ

Taryn Lagonigro | Co-Founder

Taryn’s love for Yoga began 15 years ago when she took a beginner Yoga series on a whim while studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. She first thought maybe it was just the view of the Sydney Opera House in the background, but the love remained when she came back to New Jersey. Her journey continued as she explored different types of Yoga, including a prenatal practice during her three pregnancies, and becoming a hot yoga junkie after once calling it "crazy". 

While the physical aspect of Yoga is a powerful exercise in and of itself, Taryn’s passion for Yoga is rooted in its ability to relieve stress and find balance in a busy life. Wanting to share this mind/body connection with others, Taryn became a certified RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, and recently completed Advanced Certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Fascia Release for Yoga and Yoga for Mental Health Issues.  Taryn loves reaching all levels of Yogis by teaching Open Level, Beginner, Senior Chair Yoga, Prenatal and Meditation Classes. 

Taryn lives in Caldwell with her husband and her three busy future Yogis, and if she had spare time, she would be found on the beach with a good book...but for now you can usually find her squeezing in some podcasts on short drives. Taryn is excited to bring her love of Yoga to anyone looking for a workout that builds strength, flexibility and peacefulness. Namaste!

Kristin Broek, Co-Founder, Yoga instructor from Bloomfield, NJ

Kristin Broek | Co-Founder

Kristin is a professional graphic designer who has always had a passion for health and fitness. She was a track and cross-country athlete in high school and while not always the star of the team she was always the number-one motivator.  After high school, Kristin found it hard to stick to a workout regimen. She missed having a coach to push her. She started to dabble in different fitness programs, finding a love for kickboxing, Bootcamp-like classes, and spin.

Kristin eventually found a deep passion for hot Vinyasa Yoga and has not looked back. She understands what her clients are going through and works with them on their individual goals. As an artist, Kristin loves to infuse her creativity into the classes she designs. She loves creative transitions and finds that the movements between poses are just as important as the asanas themselves. She is an ACE-certified Group Trainer with a HIIT-training specialty and a TRX certification. As a ERYT-200  Yoga Teacher with over  1,000 teaching hours, she is also a YA-CEP, certified to train new instructors. She has received additional certifications in Pre-natal Yoga, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. She is dedicated to constantly improving what she is able to offer to her clients.

Kristin lives in Bloomfield with her husband and pit bull, Sophie. Besides Yoga, she has a deep passion for food, wine, and travel.


Stephanie Montagna

Stephanie first got into the interest of body movement at a young age practicing dance, gymnastics and cheerleading up into adulthood. She was first introduced to yoga in 2012 and it wasn’t long before she discovered a passion for it. Combining movement with mental relief, she found a practice that had both physical and mental benefits. She understands the importance of taking time for yourself and finding balance within our busy lives. Her goal is to inspire others to improve wellness and reach personal goals.

Stephanie decided to turn this passion into a career and in 2018 became a certified RYT- 200-hour yoga teacher as well as completing a certification in pre-natal yoga. She is open to all level yogi’s and hopes to bring a sense of balance and peacefulness to her clients.

Stephanie grew up and currently resides in Cedar Grove. When she isn’t practicing yoga, she is working as a paralegal and enjoying spending time with loved ones!


Liliana Chavez

The first time Lily practiced yoga was in 2011 to help with lower back injuries.  She became more consistent with the practice in 2017 and started to see the benefits it had on her mind. Lily is a full time data analyst and a mommy of 2 boys so yoga became a practice of self care where she could focus on breath and movement.  She became so in love with the practice that she made the decision to pursue 200 YTT in 2018. Lily completed my training July 2018 from Indigo Yoga Studio.   Her wish is to share the healing benefits with everyone so that they can also create space within their body, mind, and spirit.  


Aly Guzman

Aly began her yoga practice 10 years ago as a fitness tool but it wasn’t a consistent practice. It wasn’t until she took a class that really touched her in a spiritual way, when the teacher talked about connecting the breath to the body, silencing the mind, finding stillness and being in the present moment. She thought “Wow, Ok, this sounds pretty deep.”, and did as instructed. After class She felt her heart was calm, her mind was silent and breathe was soft. She recalls it being one of her most beautiful life experiences and the one that sent her on her yoga journey. One day she decided she wanted to become a yoga instructor in hopes that she can share her practice and help others in the same way yoga had helped her.

Aly received her RYT 200-hour certification winter of 2018. Her classes encourage students to explore physical and mental challenges in a safe, non-competitive and supportive environment. 

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Camille Alonso

Camille has been practicing yoga for 11 years. She began practicing yoga daily while in high school when she was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Not only did yoga and meditation allow her to feel like herself again, but it inspired her to teach others how yoga can improve their lives. She earned her 200 hour RYT at Indigo Yoga in Caldwell, New Jersey as well as her Restorative Yoga certification. Camille believes yoga is accessible to everyone because it brings peace, clarity, and mindfulness into the world, which is something everyone can benefit from. You can expect Camille’s classes to be relaxing, rejuvenating, and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.


Paige Sciarrino

Paige is an actress who found yoga at a young age after a family member gave her a "Morning Yoga Routine". She remembers feeling energized, awake, and at peace in a way she had never felt before and has been in love with yoga ever since. She earned her RYT 200 Hour Certification from Younique Yoga in Cedar Grove and hopes to continue to bring those same things she found as a little girl to the mat as she shares the power of yoga with her students.


Mayra Fajardo

Mayra has been a runner, triathlete, and cyclist for over 30-years with five Marathons and many long distance races. While preparing for these races and to help the recovery process she benefited from yoga. The asanas helped stretch tight muscles and the yogic experience brought a sense of clarity and inner peace that was needed for racing. She became a yoga instructor to help other athletes and hard working yoga lovers find a place to unwind, stretch, and attain inner peace after a strenuous workout or simply after a stressful day at work. 

Mayra obtained her RYT-200 from Younique Yoga Studio in Cedar Grove.  She is also a full time occupational therapist and has dedicated her career to helping others master skills necessary to function and fully embrace life after suffering medical or developmental set-backs. She is well educated about the musculoskeletal system and the proper alignment needed to safely assume and hold postures. 

She can be found in our studio playing instrumental calming sounds with wind-it down yoga sequences. Come flow with Mayra and feel at ease after a long day’s effort.


Brittany Sleight

Brittany  was born and raised in New Jersey. She is  a US Army soldier, serving over 6 years as a culinary service specialist, and now works locally as a Certified Medical Assistant. Just this past year is when yoga found her and she developed a true passion for it, such a love for it that she decided to become a registered teacher. There is plenty about yoga to love, but what got Brittany hooked was the total mind and body connection she felt while practicing- it not only helped her feel stronger physically, but gave her a real sense of clarity over all the daily clutter. She hopes to bring those same benefits to the mat as she shares her practice with her students. Namaste!


Brooke  Squibb

Brooke was bitten by the workout bug almost 15 years ago when her older brother got her into fitness, starting with the basics. From their she found some workout dvd's then eventually joined some gyms where group classes took her interest.

It wasn't until Brooke lost her job that she realized she could turn fitness into a new full time career. Brooke has a passion for working out, whether it be cardio related, weight training, kick boxing or any outdoor activity. She is always interested in learning more in order to improve her knowledge of the fitness world. Brooke's personality along with her energy level makes her classes fun & upbeat plus you leave the class feeling like you had a great workout! 

Brooke is a AFAA certified Personal Trainer, Certified TRX Trainer, Pulse Pointe Barre Certified and has her CPR-AED Certification. She is currently studying to become certified in health & nutrition along with other ways to improve her skills as a personal trainer.


Lisa Hahn

Lisa came to yoga in 2012 after giving up ballet. She loved the positive energy in the community and found it suited her better than the competitive dance world had.

Lisa graduated from a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in July 2018. She’s also completed yin and restorative trainings.  Her classes feature creative transitions and plenty of opportunities for introspection. 

Lisa lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband and their many pets. When she isn’t practicing or teaching yoga, she’s either lifting weights, trying a new vegan recipe, flying on an aerial apparatus, or working on her next novel.


Brenda Bingham

Brenda started doing yoga with her mom when she was a young girl, and found yoga again 5 years ago, beginning a regular vinyasa practice shortly thereafter. Brenda is trained through Powerflow Yoga and has additionally received her Yin Yoga certification. Her classes are alignment-focused with an emphasis on breath and meditation. Off the mat, Brenda is an editor, archivist, and grant writer for a documentary photographer, plays the drums, and likes to skateboard, cook, and go hiking. Brenda hopes to share the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transformation possible through yoga, making it accessible for everyone!


Jennifer Revoredo

Jennifer’s yoga journey began in 2012 during her medical training as a Physician Assistant. She learned to use yoga and meditation to calm anxiety and manage stress. Jennifer currently works as an Emergency Room Physician Assistant. In 2018, her passion for yoga grew stronger as she watched her sister transform during a yoga teacher training program, inspiring her to do the same. Jennifer completed her 200 hour RYT training at Younique Yoga in Cedar Grove, NJ. She is open to all levels of yogi practice and hopes to inspire others in their pursuit of self-love and self-discovery through yoga.

Cathy Marchese

Cathy’s journey started back in 2003 when she purchased a DVD from the fitness section at Target. At the time, yoga was not a daily part of her life, but a part of her routine. It wasn’t until over a decade later she realized that yoga had slowly become so much more. It was the subtle messages and learning more about the philosophy behind the practice that now drew her back over and over again. After making the decision to become a certified 200 RYT, teaching yoga has now become her second home and passion. Cathy has furthered her passion for teaching by completing her training in Meditation, Restorative, Prenatal, Yin, Hot, Children’s and Yoga Nidra. 

 Cathy currently lives in West Caldwell with her husband, her mini-yogi daughter, and her 2 fur babies. In her down time you can find her learning more about the practice, reading, running, playing with her daughter at the park or enjoying a much loved glass of wine. Cathy firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and focuses her classes on exploration of the self rather than destination.