Kristin and Taryn have been working, planning, and training for this moment for years. We are so happy to announce that in November 2019 we will be introducing our first Yoga Teacher Training. We have worked in studios, gyms and community centers. We have taught chair yogis, beginners and super advanced. Combined we are trained in MULTIPLE genres of yoga practices and fitness instruction. We have created our own brand and started our own business. Now, we can’t WAIT to bring all our knowledge to new teachers that walk into our space. We want to help shape teachers that are ready to take on whatever a studio needs from them. We are ready to give students the knowledge they need to feel comfortable stepping to the front of the studio and the power to move people (we believe there is no better feeling!) Are you ready to take the plunge? Official announcements are coming soon but in the mean time, feel free to reach out with any questions. We LOVE to talk yoga.