Kristin and Taryn connected over a mutual love for yoga, wine and big dreams when they met in Yoga Teacher Training years ago. They have heard all of the reasons to not do Yoga – “I’m not flexible” or “No one wants to see me in yoga pants” or “I tried yoga but I couldn’t follow along” – we get it, because we said all those things before. But we have also seen what Yoga can do – how we both have personally transformed because of Yoga – so it became a passion of ours to break down those limits we all put on ourselves. 

We aren’t changing Yoga. Yoga for us remains rooted in the deep history and spirituality of the practice. We are just shattering the notion that Yoga has to be done a certain way, by certain bodies, at certain ages. We have built Iris Mind + Body to redefine the movement of Yoga and redefine the Yoga body. If you have a body and an open mind, you have a Yoga body. At Iris, you’ll find a welcoming environment for you to develop your practice, however that looks for you. Our classes seek to teach to everyone in the room – from the advanced yogi to the beginner. Your time is precious and we want Yoga to be what YOU need it to be. Whether you’re here to build strength, thoughtfully move your body or simply quiet your mind, we have Yoga for you. 

Iris Mind + Body has brought together women (and men!) from all avenues through our out-of-the-box workshops and events. We are in the business of building community first and yoga second. Do you have an amazing idea or want to collaborate? Feel free to reach out to us! 


Join us in our NEW location on Main Street in Little Falls.